United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka, France

March 22nd, 1899

R.M.S. Majestic

My Beloved Angee,

Our thought's toward each other have been active enough today I well know and while we both feel the sorrow of being parted for a little season (not in heart) there is much to encourage and sustain us in the cheer the Lord graciously gives to both our hearts. The night I was at Faversham dear Wotton from Herne Bay gave out a hymn from our book I don't remember to have sung for many a long year – I forgot the beginning of it for a moment but the chorus is "O! that will be joyful joyful when we meet to part no more on Canaan's happy shore." It was one of the few stock hymns of childhood's days altho' little entered into then but later in life one can sing it with deeper sense of what it means. The prayer meeting last night was a very happy one and the loving and fervent supplications from many dear brethren were for yourself as well as myself – one prayer that the Lord would give you such enjoyment of Himself and His love that the time may seem to be little and pass away quickly – a dear sailor brother who lives at Faversham but was not at home last Friday came up and altho' "an unlearned and ignorant man" his prayer melted us all for its simplicity and earnestness – I have known the dear fellow for 30 years or more – another bro. was there who was a soldier in Calcutta when I last visited that City and spent an evening with him and few others at Mr Monteith's house. Dear Hunt also came over from Chatham and Mr Jewell from Streatham. Mr Lowe was hindered but sent me a very kind letter – brethren from all parts of London some of whom were strangers to me so that the little room was comfortably filled. Mr Whybrow was among the company and prayed for us very sweetly. Dear Jewell and his family went to Minehead for their holiday last year not knowing until just before starting that Henry was there. He went over the whole thing with Jewell who discerned that he was too much occupied with certain things about their business especially. He appears to have little sense of his unlovely actings in the meetings for a very long time and considers himself evidently the only righteous man there. The moment he gets right himself poor fellow in the Lord's presence he will not see so much to judge in others. Through the Lord's mercy is has not hindered the brethren from giving me the privilege of being commended of them to the Lord in my journeyings in the fullest way – in faith, love and affection that I have ever known – indeed in a way to surprise me as God knows I do not desire to make any show of the little service He gives me the joy and privilege of rendering. I am indeed sorry at heart that a bro. in the flesh and in the Lord was not present last night to have mingled his amens to the desires of others for my good. The coming in of such a censorious spirit as he has lately displayed would be the destruction of the few gathered saints, but I trust the Lord will preserve His dear servants to minister His Word to edification and comfort.

Our steamer is fairly full – I have a splendid large cabin for 4 but there is one other to share it with me – the Purser however has promised to see what he can do after we leave Queenstown. It is a splendid ship – there were about 100 came down by the special from Euston this morning to embark on board the Majestic – I expected to see more snow as we went North but there was not much anywhere and it is looking fine – in going down the Mersey you would hardly know you were on board a steamer. Mrs Cooper of Canterbury wrote me such a nice letter y'day  the great sorrow is the son who gives them some anxiety I expect. Mr Cooper told his Doctor a few days ago that "he desired to say that he was trusting in the mercy of God for his body and soul and that he was not so desirous of a cure, as to have grace to endure whatever God was pleased to lay upon Him."

I was glad of your being able to eat a good dinner and enjoy it – God in mercy multiply His mercies and consolations – love to dear Martha, Mildred and Miss Brittan and now my beloved with much for your dear self believe me ever.

Being very affectionate Husband

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