United States, Canada

October 22nd, 1898

Rossin House, Toronto. Saturday evening

My Beloved Angee,

My week's work is nearly over and through the mercy of God have had much encouragement in every way which will call forth thanksgiving from your heart as well as mine. In my last I refer to the note I had received from Ada the morning after I had spent the evening with dear Mr Gausby close to where she was living – well I called y'day morning about noon and Ada came to the door in her kitchen attire and very quickly had her arms around my neck glad to see me – then after I had gone into the parlour which was nicely furnished and looking very comfortable the dear children came in and then after about a quarter of an hour or so her husband who had evidently put on his best attire came in so I saw them all – Ada made no reference to her strange actings and I asked no questions – she was looking well and I thought in better health than when I saw her last. F. Halford has a brother residing here representing Peek Bus & Winch[?] of London &c and I judge is in a pretty good position – F.H. said that he had a situation as a tea traveller for some Toronto firm and was beginning work next week – I was not much prepossessed with his face altho' he appeared very humble to me. Ada was surprised to think that I had been so near to her only a few hours before. The Gausby's had heard their neighbours were from Birmingham and that they had come to this country so that he might marry his deceased wife's sister – Ada appeared delighted with Toronto and it is certainly a lovely spot and things are not dear. I suppose that as rents go here they would pay about $15 a month rent which would be about £3 – of our money. God grant that his future record may be better than the past. Have been over to Hamilton and back today – started at 7.50 am in pouring rain which was anything but pleasant – it is 40 miles distant – reached there a little before 9 still pouring – got into a carriage with my samples – made 8 calls and took five nice orders altogether and just caught the 12.40 back and was quite ready for dinner at 2 – since then I have been writing and at 9 pm have nearly finished. The kindness of the people of Hamilton was very gratifying in giving me attention when they were very busy. The dear brethren there will not be pleased at my not spending a day with them – I should like to have seen their faces very much but I am pressed to be moving on to Winnipeg on Tuesday morning and I have a lot of calls to make here on Monday – clear up calls. Am sorry to see such a warlike spirit between England and France – it would be a very awful thing for both countries – God grant peace in our time. Shall add a little more to this tomorrow D.V. Trust you are enjoying the time at Ilfracombe.

Lord's day evening 10.30pm

The Lord has given us a bright and happy day with both morning and evening. Went to the central meeting in the morning and dear Mr Gausby came to tea with me and piloted me to the room at one end of the City which is larger than the other and they have a nice large room especially built for them which was filled when I came to it at 7. On our way in the same car we met Ada, her husband and 2 girls.

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