USA, Canada

November 22nd, 1896

Burnel House, Cincinnati

My Beloved Angee,

I reached this City on Thursday evening from Chicago and on Friday afternoon went down South to the City of Paris where Mrs Forman, Emma's sister Mary lives. She was very glad to see me and I spent a very pleasant time with them returning here again on Saturday afternoon – as I shall probably see you almost as soon as this letter arrives I will relate all the incidents of my visit when we meet. I have just written to Emma knowing how interested she would be. I purpose D.V. leaving here for New York tomorrow afternoon reaching there in 22 hours and on Wednesday I get on board a steamer for either Liverpool or Southampton – not quite decided yet.

I shall send you a cable before leaving New York so that you will know which port I arrive at. I am not clear either as to whether I will go to the Works before returning home or not – this will be made plain to me I dare say on arrival in England.

Your mail to this city is not yet delivered but I expect it in the morning – they do not work on Sundays at the P.O. Have had a very quiet day here there is no meeting now in this City. I am thankful the time has arrived for turning my face toward England once more and hope in the mercy and goodness of God that we may soon have the joy of seeing one another's faces once more.

Monday Nov. 23

Your mail to hand this morning brings its usual cheer to my spirit – have just bought my ticket for New York and have wired Mr Sarl to buy me a passage by one [… end of letter missing].

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