USA, Canada

October 14th, 1896

Halifax, Nova Scotia

My Beloved Angee,

I expected to have reached Quebec by this time but the work has detained me here a day or two longer than I expected. I left St. John's last Saturday at midday and did not reach this place until after midnight and was very weary and tired.

Had a nice day here on Lord's day and saw many of the same faces who were here 9 or 10 years ago. It was a mutual pleasure and the Lord was very good to us in leading our hearts out in praise and thanksgiving to Himself in the remembrance of His love who went even into death for us. I returned to the hotel and had some nice rest in the afternoon and dear Mr Pennington called for me at 5 and I accompanied him to his house for tea – we had a reading in the evening. I have been thinking much about you since reading of a great storm in England last week and a lot of the sea wall fronting the hotel at Ilfracombe was washed away. My fear is of course about the high tide at Barnstaple and its effects. I shall hope to receive letters from England on arrival at Quebec on Saturday morning the distance to be travelled is near 700 miles and I cannot possibly avoid one night in the train – we had rather a heavy gale last night but today it is fine and a warm West wind – was hoping to have reached Montreal by Lord's day but shall not be able to. On reaching that point I shall soon be getting out of Canada again and into America where the excitement will be great until the 4th of November is passed – I shall be thankful when the journey is ended and I am once more on board a steamer bound for England, the time will soon pass now – one half is gone at any rate.

The people here were greatly alarmed y'day by a report from London that HMS Talbot bound for this port had foundered with all hands about 450 souls. While the boys were making their market by the sale of the evening papers the vessel steamed in the harbour which must have been a great relief especially to their friends in England. In this place and St Johns I have done a good business for P.F.&Co. – my mail today carries them 9 good orders – 2 from St Johns and 7 from here which will be a cheer to them I expect. Have tried hard enough with D&M's agents residing in each place but only taken two small orders. There are American competitors in the field which appear to take the lead in that line and I am rather expecting they will think my services rather a failure. If they do they do.

I do trust your letter at Quebec will bring good tidings of your health and that you are getting rid of your cough. I have had a slight cold but it is passing away nicely. The heat of the railway carriages is rather trying and it was on account of that I took cold – the guards are most coloured men and they like the heat. – they appear to only use steam now for heating so that there is not the danger of fire there used to be. Well shall only write you a short letter this week – am writing here as I should be too late for the mail at Quebec. Trust it may find you well and happy and now with much love once more and to all our dear children and grandchildren and friends believe me my beloved Angee with a double portion for your dear self.

Being very affectionate Husband

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