USA, Canada

October 1st, 1896

Parker House Hotel, Boston

My Beloved Angee,

I expected a letter from you & P.F. last Saturday at New York which I had ordered to be re-addressed to me at Baltimore but none from anybody arrived which was a great disappointment to me – hope I shall receive one here the day after this is mailed. I noticed in one of the papers last week that there had been a severe storm in the West of England and wonder how Arundel and New Liston[?] would fare this time, I shall hope for the best until hearing to the contrary.

I had a nice time in Baltimore where I remained over Lord's day – I dined with Dr Wylie and was made to feel at home – in the afternoon Mrs Wylie went with me to a brother's house for a reading and we had a good time in the gospel in the evening.

Coloured people are very numerous in Baltimore indeed everywhere they are the domestic servants. The markets in the cities I have recently visited are a grand sight just now with the abundant supply of grapes, peaches and all kinds of tropical fruit – fish too is very abundant of all kinds and the Cod especially is very fine and often comes before me for breakfast.

I went to Washington on Monday – a grand city but the heat was very trying and sleep was out of the question by night. The next day afternoon I came through to New York about 250 miles where I found 4 cases of samples, 3 of Batty's Pickle and Jams and 1 from Brand's, weighing about 2 cwt [hundredweight] in all – a nice addition to an already large lot. I had them all taken to my bedroom – Batty's were in 3 flat leather cases – carefully marked glass with care. On opening the first which had been badly handled at the custom house, a pretty fright met my eye a glass jar with a treacle or jam substance was smashed and had made a nice mess over all the contents something like a coat of glue – well I stripped and went to work to make the best of it by washing it off and re-wrapping some things – this occupied me about 2 hours – I then opened the second and found even a worse state of things – some of the choicest cut glass jars and vases were all smashed up and contents I don't know what all over the case, so I put the cover down and settled it at once that I should leave them in New York until returning home as it was quite impossible for me to carry them. Batty's must have been crazy to have sent them and could not have had a very correct idea of what travelling was in this country – the cost and the way things are knocked about. The portmanteau I brought at a shop near Harry's is nearly in pieces and I never saw such a ginger bread thing in my life and I have just sent it out to be repaired. The one brought at Arding & Hobbs like it in appearance and price is good and strong.

I left New York on Wedneday about 1 & came through to the City by the [?] Express – a 5 hours run about 230 miles – the shaking as we travelled round the curves was very great and made me feel something like I have seen you occasionally during a move to London. On reaching the Hotel which is very large and fine found it full and other leading hotels had been sending hundreds away for some hours – there were thousands of people in the place for some political meetings.

However I soon found a corner not far away and had a very comfortable bed and now I am fixed up as they call it at the Parker House where I rest until Monday morning and then move on toward New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. I cabled P.F. my address for next Saturday to Quebec and you will have received an intimation of this from them I expect.

Well I have done a little business in every city so far for P.F&co. only here a very old a/c has been closed for a year or more and I have reopened it today with a nice order for 300 – 2d tins of Oswego biscuits – the merchant remembered me on my former visit and was very kind – I am expecting to do a little more tomorrow.

The broker in London has sent me the a/c for the shares I purchased for which I left cheques with you to send to Mr Besley by a certain day – I hope Mr Besley will have written to the broker and forwarded the cheques. I have replied to them explaining what I had done and saying that I hoped Mr Besley would have attended to it all right. It was silly of them to send the a/c to New York.

I do trust that you are getting quite rid of your cold and cough and that your companions are doing all they can for your comfort. Do be careful as the cold weather comes in – I shall be heartily glad of it for the heat and my clothing has been a continual source of discomfort to me. Have only had one coat that I could wear and often that without a waistcoat which was difficult to carry on one's body.

Political excitement is very high in every place – all alike – the conservatives of this country called the Republicans are very fearful of the other party the Democrats who having nothing to lose have no fear of a national disaster commercially which would no doubt follow a free coinage of silver and its being made the standard instead of gold. The lower orders in this country are desperadoes and ready for anything. What a mercy for man in this world without hope and without God that God sits as a sovereign over it all and will accomplish His own purposes of grace and mercy to those ordained to Eternal Life. Much love to my dear boys Arundel and Harry & Emma and all the dear children and once more commending them and you my beloved wife to the faithful love and care of our Saviour God believe me.

Being very affectionate Husband

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