USA, Canada

September 18th, 1896

Fifth Avenue Hotel, Madison Square, New York

My Beloved Angee,

It was a great joy to my heart to see a letter from you last Saturday but a great sorrow too on reading the report of your health and a combination of the cough trouble I do trust and pray that better news may be on the way for me to receive tomorrow or Sunday the 20th. Thro' mercy I am getting "acclimated" to the new country but have had a very trying time on account of the heat and humidity of the atmostphere which has kept me in a bath of perspiration. And to make matters worse all my new clothing was too heavy and I had just one suit of fairly light clothing which I have had difficulty to dry at night. In India I was not more oppressed with heat and have only been able to bear a sheet over me at night and one night I could not bear even that much. For the last 3 days it has been a little cooler. I have prickley[sic] heats as bad as I ever had and perhaps it is well that it is so, or I should not feel so well. There is a very happy meeting here and I greatly enjoyed the time of fellowship with the dear saints last Lord's day morning and evening and at Brooklyn on Wednesday evening at their regular reading – was quite surprised to see such a company of godly men and women – the last time I was here there was trouble in connection with the Grant division. Some, both in New York and Brooklyn remember my previous visit. Apart from these little times of refreshing it has been as far as business is concerned a very dreary time of it – I have opened with the largest wholesale people in the City who have given me an order for 5 cases but this is the only order for 5 days hard work – many promises have been

[….. letter incomplete….]

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