November 15th, 1894

Imperial Hotel, Londonderry

My Beloved Angee,

I did not get any letter from you yesterday and shall not I expect receive one until reaching Newry tomorrow D.V. I purpose spending next Lord's day at the Imperial Hotel Portadown as there is a meeting near there and I have promised the brother to call in. I had expected to get clear of this place on Thursday morning – am just leaving for Omagh and Portadown – the work has been fearfully trying and I was nearly for giving it up and returning yesterday – however I have taken 6 orders here and the most of it is new business – there were 3 small accounts for this place but I have not received a penny in the way of collection – one make unknown – the other who was a first class customer when I was last here owed 4/- which was disputed and would hardly speak to me another also disputed so the business Mr Parnell left was about as nice a kettle of fish as it ever fell to my lot to have anything to do with. You have had some severe storms in England and here it has hardly been anything else yet. This is a very hilly place and as I do not care for the Irish cars have had to walk it and that is rather trying for me especially against the hills.

I shall pass a lot of the small places Mr Parnell has given me as I can see many of them are only open graves – the lists he has given me now are a perfect farce for at least half the customers or rather those who were so at one time. Have thought many times lately of that word "bewitched" the apostle uses in writing to the Galatians – it seems as if P.F.'s trade is "bewitched" in Ireland and perhaps some other place too – I must not write to make you gloomy but you will be in sympathy I know with what I feel so much in seeing what was once such a splendid business so terribly wrecked on every hand – am thankful we have a fine morning and thro' mercy I have had a very comfortable night and good sleep and things may brighten up a bit as I get into other parts – the comfort in one way is that it does not touch my pocket but I should be all the happier if I was making some profit for them. The Lord bless you my dearly beloved Angee and with much love to you and all our dear ones believe me.

Being very affectionate Husband

Imperial Hotel, Portadown, Ireland

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