South Africa, Tasmania, Australia, New Zealand

April 11th, 1891

Albany, W.A.

My Beloved Angee,

On arrival here last night by train I found my letters from Melbourne awaiting me and was very thankful to get your dear letter. I do trust you will not be cast down about this trouble – it is sad indeed for us all the division but the separation from evil is a necessity and for myself I should as soon think of receiving Buddhism as Ravenism – I am glad you broke bread with the few poor weak things at Ilfracombe but it is very sad to think of the disorderly conduct of the households of the few brethren there. I am writing this to leave for posting in the next mail as I shall not reach Adelaide in time to catch it. I received a nice letter from dear Mr Pollock yesterday and it was a contrast to poor Major Jacobs who has been carried away through Gen. Haig's and Mr Monteith's influence – if what Major Jacob says is true it would be serious indeed, but it is not true – he like many others has been deceived.

In his last letter to me at the Cape it all turned on the interpretation of the Greek word for life – now he is defiled with the spirit of the Raven party and refuses to see his errors and those of them he cannot deny he seeks to palliate or affirms that they are judged.

I shall send him a copy of two letters I have recently received of Capt. Barton's and hope he may weigh their contents.

God knows my heart and I am sure I delight to think of even Raven himself as receiving of that same mercy which I have received and could not do without, but it is doctrines contrary to all that I have ever learnt and that are according to the Scriptures which I so abhor as evil, assured they are the work of an adversary.

It is the horrible and revolting separating of the human from the divine in our Lord Jesus Christ that is so bad and must be Satanic no other spirit could ever so dishonour the Lord, or speak so irreverently of him.

Cheer up my beloved Angee – the Saviour – Son of God our Lord Jesus will not forsake you or any who trust in Him – the undivided Christ of the Scriptures. I will finish up the work as quickly as possible and return home if God in His mercy grant us this joy to see one another's faces once more.

With much love once more to yourself and all our dear ones believe me my beloved Angee.

Being very affectionate Husband

My steamer is just in and I must now prepare to embark.

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