South Africa, Tasmania, Australia, New Zealand

March 25th, 1891

Katanning, Western Australia

My Beloved Angee,

The above place is in the midst of the Bush of this vast country through which the Great Southern Railway passes. Hearing of a large firm who are millers, store-keeping sandal wood shippers &c. &c. I called and opened my samples and they have given me a good order and shewed me much kindness – at King George Sound (Albany) where I left Arcadia last week I have done a splendid business with three of the chief merchants who were much interested in my samples. It was a regular little nest for English biscuits which sell freely among the passengers constantly landing for a few hours stay by all the inward and outward mail boats. Nearly all merchants at Adelaide of whom I enquired about Western Australia advised me not wasting the time it would occupy to visit and I now see what the advice was worth. Albany reminded me very much of Newquay except that it had a beautifully wooded country at the back but the harbour (King George's Sound) is a lovely place and looks almost as extensive as Watergate Bay. I called on the merchants on the Saturday the day of landing and opened out my samples early on Monday morning and packed them all up again the same evening so you may suppose I had a busy day and left by early train for this place on Lord's day morning. Through the Lord's goodness I had a real day of rest on Lord's day and communion. It is a beautiful country but not much good to any but hard workers – these soon make their way and have got plenty of elbow room.

The whole country is perfumed with sandal wood which is shipped in large quantities from Albany to China – the woods generally in this country are very fine and abundant in quantity. A Gentleman living here went out into the bush last night Possum hunting and brought back six. It was a beautiful clear moon light night and the Possums can be seen then clinging to the trees and brought down with a gun.

I had a great fright last night about an hour after I had retired to rest and was deeply in my first sleep. The landlord continued knocking at my door and was talking about telegrams at Albany – I was some seconds before I could remember where I was and this was not even clear to me after I had opened the door and was face to face with him. Then I understood that the Postmaster at Albany had wired up to say that some telegrams had arrived there for me and wanted to know if he should open them and repeat them at once or send them on by post in the morning – I said repeat them at once and for a little while I felt really distressed, but a word came to my heart "Be not afraid of sudden fear – the Lord shall be the confidence, but I feared there may be some sad tidings from home and thought of the severe weather you had been having of late.

The station was near the hotel and I walked over to receive the news whatever it may be and then discovered that a mistake had been made in the name – it was not for me but another gentleman staying at the hotel. It was a burden removed and with thankful and relieved heart and mind I returned to my room and was soon asleep again and thro' mercy had a good night's rest. If ever prayer and supplication with thanksgiving went up to God from my heart for you and each of our loved ones it has this morning. May He graciously keep you each as the apple of His eye and underneath the shadow of His wings. What a mercy to be among the Preserved in Jesus Christ and called to whom He ever delights to multiply His grace mercy and peace.

D.V. I purpose calling at another town called York on my way to Perth which I expect to reach on Good Friday morning and shall hope to get the business done both in those places and Freemantle during the next week and then returning to Adelaide again – what thousands of miles travelling all this involves and what a mercy that such good health is given to me so that I am able to go on day by day happily with it and proving the great goodness of God in prospering the work so that the labour is not in vain even in a business way, as we know it cannot be in vain in the Lord for any little service he allows us to take up for His name.

And now I am commending you once more my beloved Angee to the tender care of that Good Shepherd, also Arundel, Harry and Emma and all the darling little ones whose names go up before the Throne of grace every morning specially and with much love to you and to each of them believe me my dearest Angee.

Being very affectionate Husband

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