Gibraltar, India, Malta

February 10th, 1890


My Beloved Angee,

I was glad to get your letter here last Friday morning on arrival from Simla and can understand in some measure all the sorrow of heart you have been passing through and do most heartily wish I was at home with you. I do not think I have ever been so tried in my life as during the past fortnight and was thankful to find Lazarus here waiting for me last week nearly recovered from his attack of jaundice. The Hindoo servant was useless in a business point of view and nothing seemed to go right. All this has tried me in every way and cast me afresh upon the mercy of God Who is indeed a refuge for us in every time of trial.

It is getting too near the hot season for the merchants in the plains to order anything now. Lazarus and I have been busy at work in this place and have done a little business, but not so much as on a previous visit. There is quite a panic in the Bazaar on account of very heavy failures among native merchants in the piece good trade – some 25 or more have already failed and it has shaken confidence from one end of it to the other. All this is making me feel that it will be wise to move on rapidly through India and get on the Colonies as quickly as possible.

Was very sorry to hear of Eliza's illness and trust she may soon be stronger again – it is strange that her heart should have become so weak, with no hard work or anything to exhaust her strength – perhaps both of them would have been all the better for a little wine. Oh, how I do long for the quietness of simple home life and if spared to reach England once more this must finish foreign travels for me I think. Delhi is all astir today with the Prince and appointments I had made on Saturday with 2 or 3 merchants were not kept by them which has been vexing.

Trust dear Arundel may be sustained in his deep sorrow -  I am thankful to hear of the sympathy he has received from many kind friends and especially so for the love shewn by Henry and Zoe. I like the card Arundel has had printed – the Scriptures are very sweet and were so I doubt not to dear Harriett in her extreme weakness and now she is near the blessed lips that once uttered them and that is far better. The Lord Himself graciously preserve and comfort you my beloved Angee and our dear children and grand children and once more with much love to you and then all dear friends believe me.

Being very affectionate Husband

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