Gibraltar, India, Malta

December 15th, 1889


My Beloved Angee,

The mail has arrived today bringing your letter of Nov 20th also one from dear Arundel and once more my heart is comforted by good news from home. I purpose leaving here tomorrow evening so must write you before departure to make sure of not missing the next mail. Since beginning this, the postman has called with another home letter which being overweight for one stamp has been a few hours later in being delivered – all well at 35, Comyn[?] Road too and each of them have opened an account with the Savings Bank so dear Emma informs me. The letter contained three nice cards. On my way North I purpose spending one day at Abu Road where our dear brother Mr Ker resides the engineer of the Rajputana and Malwa Railway - a note from him this morning says the he will be about 150 miles this side of Abu Road and will go on by the same train I travel by and kindly invites me into his private carriage to breakfast, it being about the time for that meal when we meet. He has announced a preaching in the evening. The following day I move on to Ajmere where I intend staying over Lord's day with dear Goodburn and his wife and hope to reach Lahore the day before Christmas day. I expect from various parts there will be a good many at the conference this year – God grant that it may be a time of profit for us all – there is great interest in the Lord's work among the saints in India – hearts really awake and much blessing in many parts.

I send by this post two recent copies of the "Indian Extract" circulated among the saints here which I dare say will be of interest. Mr & Mrs Mackrow who are residing here have been very kind, but it has grieved me to see what the climate has done for them in less than one year – they are looking very thin, also the sister Miss Duval living with them. Their children appear to have stood it better and are looking very well – they are living in a tent again now that the monsoon is over and very comfortable it is I assure you. The little meeting has been refreshed and we have had some happy times together – a few who had gone astray too are finding their way back though mercy. We had two gospel meetings last week – one at the Seaman's Rest and the other at Y.M.C.A. The Lord helped me to speak plain words of truth to the people and one must leave it with God Who alone can give it entrance so as to become effectual in bringing forth fruit. At the Y.M.C.A. room a young minister spoke a little while before me – not a word for conscience – not a sound of anything like man's real need as a sinner before God – not a sound of the blood – the only ground of escape from judgement. I think some of them were a little disturbed in their self-sufficiency and it was really very solemn to see him this young fellow assume that everybody is saved. Well I felt I must speak straight to the conscience and heart and the Lord helped me – our own company were there and brought some others – a few known to be exercised.

Very sorry to hear Mr Robertshaw's sight is getting so weak – it is very evident that he needs rest and I fear he has been taxing his strength too much of late – he would have been wise too if he had taken a little wine – well, I do pray that the gracious Lord may bless them both – our poor unbelieving hearts are slow to use up into the present enjoyment of all the reality of the spiritual blessings in Heavenly places which are the portion of all the blood bought children of God – alas we so cling to the earthly things forgetting that we have in Heaven a better and an enduring substance.

Dec 16th

Packing up day again but with Lazarus the burden for me is a great measure removed - I have greatly enjoyed my visit to Bombay and the Lord has given much encouragement on every side so that I go on my way rejoicing. Shall have to meet some cold weather now, but it is clear and dry so that it is healthy and enjoyable.

I must write Arundel a few lines too before leaving and therefore bring this to a close. Trust you will be preserved in good health through the Winter – it will be very nice for you to run in to Barnstaple once a week for them and yourself too – am thankful to hear they have a good servant at last and that Miss C. continues to be such a comfort to them. Well, now my beloved Angee good bye once more – shall write you next D.V. from Ajmere I expect – God bless and preserve you in all the comfort and consolation of His love to us in Christ Jesus our Saviour and wish much love to all our dear ones and a full portion for your dear self believe me.

Ever your affectionate Husband

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