Gibraltar, India, Malta

November 8th, 1889

P & O "Oriental" Near Gravesend

My Beloved Angee,

We are beginning to settle down after all the commotion at the docks and thankful the Colonel who is occupying the lower berth who is a small man has very kindly surrendered it to me. Dear Harry will have told you dear Mr Rubie and Mr Wendon were at Liverpool Street to see me off – and I am deeply comforted in the thought of your heart's affections and also of all our dear children and the many friends whose love and interest we have recently witnessed. Through grace we know the source of all these mercies to us and we are in His good hands for time and eternity.

I know the Lord will be a very special source of comfort to your heart my dearly beloved wife and He will not be your debtor for the giving up to Him one who is dear to your heart.

The weather is fine as Summer and every prospect of good weather across the Bay.

Once more good bye and with much love you yourself and all our dear ones believe me.

Being very affectionate Husband

P & O "Oriental" Nov. 8th 1889

My Beloved Angee,

Our ship moves down the Channel rapidly and the Pilot leaves us at Ventnor about midnight and carries off letters so will send another line – Dear Box and two of his daughters came near enough to speak in a boat but we did not remain many minutes, so that their boat was soon out of sight and we waved hats as long as we could distinguish each other. It was very kind of him dear fellow. My heart feels very sorrowful as I doubt not yours does – what a contrast the scene on board this ship to that of last night, but faith can look above and see that precious Saviour at God's right hand.

Our ship is very full and there is only one gentleman that I have spoken to as yet - an officer I voyaged with to Gibraltar on board the Ganges and I heard of him there as a Christian during my short stay – I told him of it this afternoon – his regiment is now at Malta where he is bound for now.

Am glad to get the lower berth in my cabin and shall soon have to turn in – it is desolate compared to the beds I have been in for the past 9 or 10 weeks but must make the best of it now.

Again God abundantly bless you my beloved Angee and all our dear ones and believe me.

Being very affectionate Husband

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