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January 18th, 1889

Great Eastern Hotel, Calcutta

My dear Eunice,

You were right in supposing I should be glad to hear from you only the letter was like a bird minus a wing – no fly leaf to it – however it was welcome for all that.

How I should liked to have dropped in on the Christmas day morning to have seen them all at Arundel's – the dear children's hearts are too young for sorrow but I can see from Arundel's letter that he is feeling very anxious about dear Harriett. I feel it too for it is sad to think about and am continually praying for her that our God may in His great mercy be pleased to restore her so that she may be able to fill a mother's place in the midst of her household.

But it is a terrible disease and I suppose seldom really cured. Arundel refers to his Aunt Mary's kindness to them and especially for Harriett for which I am indeed thankful to our gracious Father and to her.

It is a great mercy too for dear Angee and yourself to be living together to be a comfort to each other – it does my very heart good to receive her dear letters every week and I think she behaves very nobly to have consented to my departure – it is like a dream at times when I think of all the thousands of miles I have travelled since that eventful August 2nd 1888, and what a mountain there is left to get over. There is no mistake about it, that it is really the hardest work I have ever had in my life and I am a marvel to myself – when I think about the labour and fatigue the travel has necessitated. However, through mercy I have been very happy in it and as long as this mercy is granted me of God I can go on, but thankful at the prospect that by the end of the present year there will be an end to it – but sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof, so I go on by the day knowing the goodness and care of the Good Shepherd.

Give my very kind love to dear Gant, South of Blackmore and tell them I am thankful for their continued prayers – sorry to hear your eyes have been inflamed and weak and hope they may soon recover – now with much love to you my dear Eunice and all dear friends believe me ever.

Being affectionate Brother, Edward

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