Gibraltar, Algeria, Malta, Egypt, India, Burma, Singapore, China, Japan, Korea, Russia

October 21st, 1888

Quetta, Belloochristan

My dear Arundel,

I do rejoice and give thanks with you my dear boy for the special mercy vouchsafed to dear Harriett in being so far restored, as to shew an increase of weight. Glad also to hear the dear children are all well and that my darling Daisy and Mildred are getting on so nicely with the school work. Tell Daisy I seldom see any foreign stamps other than those decorating the envelope containing my letter to you at home and for these she must look out when Grandpa reaches China and Japan and other foreign countries. I have just written dear Mama a long letter about this interesting place and as you will read that I need not write it over again.

Am sorry to hear that you find the business so trying and the money owing you so difficult to collect, but even at the risk of offending people you must get that which is due to you paid in some form or other. I know full well it is very easy to write that on paper and another thing to get the money, but after all I should advise you to keep every amount that is fairly due before your eye continually and whether people like it or not I should continue to apply either by letter or personally or telegram[?]. It would be a good thing too for you to take stock, so that you might judge of results generally. From your remarks S & P must be purposing quite a new departure which seems to say that their old business has departed from them or else I cannot understand it. However don't fret over it – there is lots of room in the world – in the Colonies alone there are 222 millions acres of land and not more than about 3 millions of it as yet taken up. If the stream dries up in Barnstaple, God will shew you a broader river somewhere else perhaps, only make the best of it while you are in it.

There was no way for a 6,000 ton ship [to travel] through the Egyptian desert until Jessop[1] cut a ditch and allowed the waters of the Red Sea and the Mediterranean to fill it up. Cheer up my boy – it is good to bear the yoke in youth - there is always a dreary wilderness into the land flowing with milk and honey and it is good for us when we can sing in passing through it because of what God is to us in it – alas how often we are found murmuring. Mr. W.P.'s gift was very kind but I do not understand it much. I shall acknowledge Arthur's letter and inform him that I have left power of attorney with you and your Ma whose signature will be a valid receipt. With love to dear Harriett and all the dear children and yourself believe me my dear Arundel.


[1] Probably the famous canal builder William Jessop [1745-1814] is referred to here, who was chief engineer on the Grand Union Canal. However, Jessop was not involved in the building of the Suez Canal, which opened on 17th November 1869.

Being very affectionate Father

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