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September 26th, 1888


My Beloved Angee,

My cables will long ago have informed you of our safe arrival in India once more the sights and sounds and smells of which are now to some extent familiar. The "Sutlej" arrived soon after 2 on Monday morning last, but we did not land until after breakfast and I don't think any were sorry to leave the ship, although her Commander is a special favourite with the travelling public. Just after I closed my last letter to you for dropping at Aden, your first to Bombay which our ship was carrying was delivered to me with my other letters, through the courtesy of the mail agent who was occupying the next cabin, so for me it was an unexpected comfort to get tidings from your dear self and Arundel. The great heat of the Red Sea tried me very much for 2 or 3 days, but through mercy I soon recovered in a lower temperature and altogether do not think I ever enjoyed better health. Have been very much encouraged here to find that all the merchants I did business with on my last visit report well as to the condition of the goods and have sent many repeat orders – for this I have earnestly prayed and can give thanks for this special mercy, as to break through the prejudices of an eastern market was considered a hopeless task, but what a difference it makes when God is brought in. I have not yet engaged another servant but look to the Lord who knows my need that he would graciously provide one – Lazarus is not far from Bombay I hear with his new master.

On board the "Sutlej" it was one continuous sound of revelling from morning ‘till night – Lord W. Beresford the military Secretary to the Viceroy was the leader of all the sports or games – he used to give me a nod as I passed him occasionally, but the company soon discovered that my delights were not found in the place of theirs – reading my testament on deck soon settled that question. However, I found a few of the Lord's in the second class and among them a very dear young missionary going to Bangalore and with him I had a very nice time and his mind appeared to receive the truth with readiness – any thought of dispensation seems never to have dawned upon him or yet scriptural thoughts of the church of God. The Captain gave me permission to preach on Lord's Day evening and this dear fellow gave out a hymn and prayed very sweetly and earnestly for blessing – on beginning our company was very small, but soon increased and I was much surprised to see among others who came down from the first saloon, Lord W. Beresford who remained the whole meeting, after which I had a long talk with him – I had been speaking from John 3 – he said he envied the man who realised God's love for him and seemed to regard it as a masterpiece of attainment – I sought to shew him how the love had been manifest and how we perceived it, in the gift of His Only Begotten Son and in laying down His Life. He seemed interested and shook hands heartily. When in Calcutta last January I wrote to him for P.F&Co. asking for an appointment from the Viceroy. Neither of us made any reference to this but D.V. I shall have to wait upon him again when in Calcutta. God moves in a mysterious way his wonders to perform. Hope the dear children are getting over their little ailments and I suppose Harry is by this time comfortably settled in his new home. The Lord graciously preserve them all and lead them in paths of righteousness for His own name's sake.

Sept. 28th

Mail day has come once more and I must now close this letter – have been plodding away all the week but have not yet received many orders – it is very warm indeed and a damp heat which is always more exhausting. The Lord has kept the few gathered ones here and their numbers have increased through a few fresh arrivals from England – was glad to meet them at the reading on Wednesday and our joy was mutual through mercy – purpose to remain in Bombay one week more and then move on to Karachi – God even our Father graciously bless and preserve you my dearly beloved wife and our dear children and with much love to you all and all our dear friends. Believe me.

Being very affectionate Husband

Send on letter to Harry

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