Gibraltar, Algeria, Malta, Egypt, India, Burma, Singapore, China, Japan, Korea, Russia

August 18th, 1888


My Beloved Angee,

We arrived here last evening about 8 and the usual tediousness of landing and getting through the customs brought it to 10 by the time I reached the hotel which is an exceedingly comfortable one. I was very glad to get such a good batch of love letters from home this morning and am filled with thankfulness for all the mercies they record and trust the change at Croyde may be beneficial to you and all the dear ones – I am very thankful to find from Arundel's letter that dear little Olive is improving. After breakfast this morning our agent here called with several letters from P.F. & Co. and afterwards I made several calls with him. On Monday D.V. I set to work again in earnest and I told one Maltese dealer today that I expected to receive some of same kindness that the Apostle Paul received on being shipwrecked here eighteen hundred years ago – I looked with great interest at the spot as we steamed by it last evening. I have often spoken of the creek with a shore into which they were minded to thrust the ship and so let go the stern anchors and hoisted the mainsail and found a fair wind into a safe landing beach like the poor prodigal did, only he landed in the father's arms and feasted not upon the kindness of the barbarians and others, but upon all that the Father's heart of Love had provided. It was a smooth as glass all through the Mediterranean but we felt the heat on nearing Malta – it has been intensely hot through the day, but now at night it is delightfully cool. We had two break downs on board the Clyde – the first on Friday morning detaining us about three hours – the second off the Isle of Wight about half an hour after our pilot left us, keeping us about 4 hours, but I do not think the ship asked for help, as a steamer passed close under our stern during this time, so that help was at hand if it had been required. I went on board one of H.M. ships this morning (the Gannett[1]) having had the name of a brother on board given to me by the soldier brother at Gibraltar – I soon found him – a very young man, but seeming bright and happy in the Lord and very glad to have a call – so I got the address of the place where some eight or nine break bread tomorrow, God willing. Malta is a beautiful place, such a magnificent natural harbour and the terraces of fine white buildings on the side of the hill look very fine – the streets are narrow, but the houses are quite grand, most of them with fine overhanging balconies – the architecture is massive and noble – Malta has quite a style of its own – nearly all speak English, so that is no small help to me.

I was very glad to adopt the white clothing again today and found the alterations that had been made were useful – the Jaeger shirt is terribly hot through the day but when the sun goes down they are very comfortable. Received a kind note from dear Padching[?] here this morning, also one from Mr Hatton Turner enclosed with P.&.F.Co's. How very kind of dear Box[?] to take you all in to tea that day – I can quite understand your feelings as I knew my own – I hope dear Eunice will find the change at Croyde beneficial – it is very trying not to be able to sleep.

August 20th 1888

Had a nice time with the brethren here yesterday but have no time to write about it now as the mail closes in an hour and I am busy – much love to you my beloved Angee and all our dear ones and believe me.
Being very affectionate Husband.


[1] HMS Gannet – a Doterel class screw sloop – see further here.

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