Malta, Egypt, India, Burma…

February 9th, 1888

Calcutta, India

My Beloved Angee,

Your dear letter of 19th ult[?] was delivered this morning and brought its usual comfort to my heart for which I am very thankful to our Father and God. Was glad to hear from dear Mr Winter at Christchurch.

I am now in the midst of packing up again and it is a tedious job I can tell you, for my bedroom is more like a P.F. Stores than a domicile – D.V. I go on board the "Rewa" British India Steamer tomorrow night as she leaves here at 6.30 on Saturday morning. I have had a look at her this morning and taken my passage to Madras and for servant. Mr Humphrey's son (of Bath) who was at the preaching last Lord's Day is the 3rd Officer and he kindly offered to take care of my baggage etc. He is not converted I hear.

D.V. I am going to Mr Biss's this evening to dine and to meet the brethren and to minister to Mr Manbeally[?] and shall go from his house to the ship.

Yesterday I received the largest order I have yet taken in India from a firm I have been trying to get hold of ever since I came here. Thought I would try again yesterday and was glad and thankful to find they were now willing to indent[?].

A nice letter from P.F.&Co. this morning – they are much pleased at the encouragement I have met with, but they have all the best yet to receive, or rather had up to the time of their writing.

I write you from here in case of being too late for next week's English mail from Madras – we are due there the same day the London mail leaves, so as it was running it pretty close, thought I would not run the risk of disappointing you.

Glad to hear of Rudd's restoration – praise the Lord – thankful too for the remembrances of the brethren and that all goes on peacefully. Received a letter also from Arundel this morning and one of his Registers which is indeed beautifully got up – will write him D.V. from Madras next week.

With much love once more to all believe me my dearest Angee.

Being very affectionate Husband

February 10th 1888

All well – God Bless you all.

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