Malta, Egypt, India, Burma…

Oct. 20th 1887

On Board S.S. "Surat"

My Beloved Angee,

It was a great cheer to my heart today to receive your dear letter also one from Emma and a postcard from Arundel whose letter to Cairo was duly received – although l wonder at his sending it there. Can hardly tell you how thankful I am to get on board a steamer again - the climate of Egypt has tried my body more than any I have been in.  Through mercy have done splendidly both in Cairo and Alexandria, 31 orders from the two cities. It has been excessively hot and with it the great overflow of the Nile has produced so much moisture with the heat which all English travellers have felt. I came through from Alexandria to Suez by a night train arriving at Suez about 8 this morning and was obliged to go to bed for a few hours. You may judge of what the heat has been that I could not write out my Alexandria orders through the day and waited until I came off to the Surat when it was cooler. So you will excuse a short note this time - sorry you have had such bad colds - it sounds so strange to read about being cold at home - wish a little of it could be wafted over here.

I am feeling much refreshed only for the few hours I have been on board, have got a nice cabin on the deck (2 berth) and expect we shall all be filled up tonight on arrival of the mail, as we hear there are 80 passengers for our ship. The Lord be praised for all his continued mercy to us. Much love to you my dearest Angee, dear Arundel and Harry - Harriett & Emma and all the darling children - Emmie and Eliza and all the dear friends and believe me.

Being affectionate Husband

Expect you will have received my diary before this - tis more than I can do in Egypt to keep up with it.

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