1886-87 - USA, Canada, Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Egypt


April 14th, 1887

Melbourne, Australia

I have been considering whether I should go to Tasmania and Adelaide and delay my voyage to Singapore until May 22 from Brisbane, or push on to Sydney from here and get the steamer on the 22nd of this month and much as I should have enjoyed to have seen Harriett's friends yet, when I think of my long absence from you I am now feeling very anxious to return and propose therefore packing up today and going overland to Sydney tomorrow, so as to spend next Lords day there and get the April 22 steamer to Singapore. Shall only have 3 or 4 days for business but must do all I can in that time. I begin to realise now that I am fairly homeward bound and I trust in that same mercy and goodness that has hitherto preserved us, may soon grant us the joy of seeing one another's faces again. We have had a very refreshing time during the meetings that have been held here from Friday to Monday - there were nearly 500 I should think - many have come hundreds of miles from various parts of the colony - their love toward one another seems to abound. The few crumbs of truth the Lord has given me has refreshed them - The Lord has many devoted and faithful servants in these parts and it has been a real joy to my heart to meet them.

Have done well in the business too - opened with 9 of the leading merchants here.

Willie Carn has attended all the meetings and I trust there is a real work of God in his soul, poor fellow it is a new thing for him - one of the brethren here in a small wholesale business is going round to several warehouses with him today to seek employment for him, and I do pray that God may graciously open a door for him where he may be able to earn his bread honestly. I called upon Mr. Gardner, the manager of Cassell & Co. warehouse yesterday, where W. Carn is of course well known and had that morning called. Mr. G. is not a Christian but he was struck with the changes in Willie since he last saw him and on his entering the place Mr. G. said well Mr. Carn what do you want this morning to which the poor fellow replied - I want nothing Mr. Gardner and out of the fullness of his heart told Mr. G. what great things God had done for him. It made a deep impression upon Mr. G. and he said to me I never saw such a change in my life. Mr. G. began to talk to him about a saying of Shakespeare "There is a tide etc." but Willie Carn had been borne on the flood tide of God's everlasting mercy and love, that found him a poor vile sinner, desolate and famine stricken to carry him into the banqueting house of God's delights.

DV I shall have reached Singapore before this reaches you and probably be on my way home direct or via India as I may feel led - now with much love to you my dearly beloved wife, dear Arundel and Harriett and darling children - dear Harry and Emma and the darling children Emmie, Eliza and Mr. R. and all dear friends believe me.

Your Affectionate Husband

Ask Arundel to forward the enclosed note to P.F.Co.

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