1886-87 - USA, Canada, Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Egypt


March 24th, 1887

S.S. Rolomaharia

I am writing this note as we are steaming up the river to Melbourne where we hope to land in about one hour - a mail leaves for England soon after our arrival, so shall not have time to open any letters, but thought I would post a line just to say we had reached Australia in safety after 8 days very bad weather from Dunedin. Through mercy I have been well and enjoyed it on the whole although I never saw such seas even on the Atlantic and in these latitudes the waves seem to come from every quarter rising up like pyramids - on leaving New Zealand we called at a wonderful place on the west coast called Milford Sound - it is a deep river about half a mile wide and 7 long, bounded by rocks on either side ranging from 3 to 7 thousand feet high - some of them having the appearance of being cut straight down without a jag - really awful to behold - here and there between the mountains we could see many which are always covered with snow. Altogether it is considered one of the grandest sights in New Zealand. Well, I did not intend now to begin a letter so will conclude trusting my long wished for letters will bring good tidings from home - once more with much love to you my dearly beloved wife and to all our dear children and their little ones believe me.

Being very affectionate Husband.

Melbourne, March 25th 1887

My Beloved Angee,

I wrote the other side yesterday coming up the river hearing the mail closed soon after our arrival but now find it does not close until 1.30 today. It was a great relief and joy to receive all your dear letters yesterday Dec 31, January 7, 15 and February 3 and my heart is full of thanksgiving to God for His continued goodness in so graciously caring and preserving you and all our beloved children. My mail yesterday was a ponderous one I assure you - P.F.Cos. alone was an encyclopaedia Britannica in itself on a small scale except that the subject was exclusively biscuits. This appears to be a magnificent place - laid out after the style of the American cities - splendid buildings and everything telling of the abundance of Gold. On arrival at the wharf where the usual company are invariably found, - i.e. friends to greet the arrivals, I noticed a group of three men that appeared to be looking in my direction waving their hands and smiling, but I made no response not thinking it was for me, until at length one pointed upward and I judged from their faces they were members of the "Royal Family" so I returned their greeting - as soon as I could, I stepped on shore and found they were three brethren who had come down to meet me - one of them called, Fowler, from Bristol had seen me at Ilfracombe and therefore gave the recognition. Dropped in for the regular reading last night which we all enjoyed. There are many hundreds gathered here. Had a very kind note from M. Storey yesterday enclosed with one from Henry - also from dear Mr. Rubie of Sidcup, Kent. Now I have got to set up my show again and then call on the merchants to pay me a visit. Glad to get a line from dear Arundel and Emma and darling Angee, none from Harry - again with much love to you my dearly beloved wife and all our loved ones believe me.

Being very affectionate Husband

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