1886-87 - USA, Canada, Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Egypt


November 8th, 1886

Centropolis Hotel, Kansas City

My Beloved Angee,

It was a great cheer to my heart to receive your dear letter here on Saturday last, also dear Arundel's, and all the good news it contained as well as your own. Well, tis nothing but mercy from first to last and He does indeed daily load us with benefits. I left Chicago on Friday at noon and reached here next day at 9 am, 520 miles or so. This place gives more the idea of what one has pictured of America - the mass of the people are as rough as badgers - men and women coming in from the vast country around look as if they had not used soap or water for years and such a tribe of coloured people mostly poor and such faces some of them - the building going on in every direction is wonderful - you may walk for miles and not see a house to let or "For Rent" as they call it here - I am told they are let before built, and the price of land is almost fabulous. I have not seen anything in America that has so struck me as Kansas City. The best wholesale house in the City have given me a very good order today which I shall have to cable as they want the goods for the Xmas trade. Tomorrow God willing I go to Saint Louis, so you will see if you look on the maps that my face is once more toward home. Was glad to receive the cable this afternoon "all well" in answer to mine and my next address Philadelphia you will have noticed finds me near New York again. Mr Rubie is suggesting our returning by a North German Lloyd steamer from New York to Southampton but I have explained a preference for the Cunard and notice that the Etruria sails Dec 4 and I hope he may be willing to go by her. I feel the loss of all my clothing very much, although I have got the needfuls together a bit, but do not like my new collars and other things so well as my old. The Company paid me my claim last Thursday $325 but I would much rather have had my baggage, and papers. No meetings here which I greatly missed yesterday. My letter from P.F & Co. filled 4 foolscap sheets written on one side only and a budget of other things, made my Saturday's mail a big piece of business. They are much pleased with what I have done and from certain remarks I judge they will continue it. It is a mystery to me when I think of it, how my spirit has been sustained in the work for I can assure it is no small undertaking altogether but I know the secret of it all has been that the Lord has been with me and I have had to cry to Him continually and He has heard my prayer and graciously answered it. To Him be all the glory - will write again in a day or two - much love to you and believe me my beloved wife.

Being very affectionate Husband

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