1886-87 - USA, Canada, Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Egypt


September 25th, 1886

Queen Hotel, Halifax, Nova Scotia

My Beloved Angee,

I found your letter to me from Arundel on arrival here yesterday from St. John, New Brunswick, and was very glad to hear from you once more. Enjoyed my stay at St. John - there is a nice meeting there, nearly a hundred freshly gathered through A. Mace's labour mainly - to me it was a regular St. Austell time and it was rather difficult to get away as they pressed me today over Lords day - had two meetings with them and left after the last for Halifax by a night train - got on very nicely too with my business, opened with two first class merchants and a promise of the next goods required from another. The distance from point to point is very great - it is about a thousand miles from New York to this place and my next trip about 600 miles from here to Quebec - leaving on Monday evening and reach Quebec about 9 on Tuesday night – the country between New York and here is pretty much alike - rough land strewed with small and large granite boulders and here and there little patches of fir trees. Small wooden houses abound and the whole scene is a great contrast to the well-shaped fields, roads and houses of England. The people in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia have a more English appearance - faces not so pale and pinched up as the Americans. It is thought that the sea fog so prevalent here tends to health and flesh forming and so it is said at St. John that when there is a fog, the ladies sit by the windows which are opened.

It is as cold as March here and I find the comfort of my Jaegers and the thickest clothing. Only eight days ago I could hardly endure any clothing and only a sheet at night. The place reminds me of Falmouth with its beautiful - harbour and hills all around - one or two Men of War lying off a little and a lot of shipping. The town itself makes no pretension to any grandeur something like Camborne - the shops are not very smart and the people seem contented with small things. Was struck in the market this morning to see simple clean looking women standing with their baskets on the street pavement, with only about 1/2 a dozen sticks of celery in each basket - some few had perhaps a dozen turnips too, but so little and yet I have no doubt it was a great thing in their eyes. Called on two of the brethren here yesterday and have had a nice time with them and visited a few others. They called to see me again this afternoon and we spent a few hours together - shewed them my pictures, as they wanted to know if I had a wife and children. We were in my bedroom and when we bowed together for a little prayer one of them prayed very sweetly for you all. It is such a comfort to my heart, I could not describe it to you, to find the saints in the towns I visit - it seems to be a real refreshment from the Lord of all of us.

Have done some business in Halifax, we had one good customer here and I have opened one good a/c beside and am hoping to get a large order from a first class wholesale man on Monday - was with him a long time this morning and have an appointment with him again for Monday. I have been selling our large tins at St. John and here, so that it makes up a little more bulk than wafers only. Ian did not send me the letters that came for me - should like to have the one from Boddy - I do not know who you refer to as "that gentleman from Ramsgate".

Monday Sept. 27

Letters received this morning from dear Harry Emma and darling Hilda. It is good to get a line from home in England but you must be where I am to know how good it is to get one when so far away. Very thankful to hear Harry has got on so nicely with the work. Sent you a cable this morning giving Buffalo again for next address and adding "goodness, mercy, follow" It is this indeed in a very marked way. Have done some nice business here and greatly enjoyed the time with the saints. A very precious time at the Lord's table yesterday morning - a nice reading again in the afternoon and a good number in for the gospel in the evening - spoke from Luke 14.15. The power of the Lord was present to save and one fine fellow a native of Plymouth on board HMS "Bellerophon" brought by a brother in fellowship on board same ship, was I trust truly converted to God and confessed Christ very distinctly when I spoke to him after - it was a great cheer for us all. The difficulty is to get away from a place – small meetings around and individual saints living in isolated places, are so desiring to see any brother passing through. But I have to say no and pass on when my work is done. Tonight I leave for Quebec and shall hardly get further than Montreal this week, so that my progress will not be so rapid through Canada as at first expected.

Very glad to hear from dear Arundel's letter that the Lord was so preciously caring for the few at Ilfracombe, also that the boys were getting on with their business- am glad the very cold N.E wind has gone - we have had a lot of rain through the night and today it is more genial. My health is very good in the tender mercy and goodness of God - I trust you are all well. Much love to all the dear children - I often look at their dear faces in the photos and show them to the brethren when they ask if I am married - one brother thought I had married a lady much younger than myself - a woman at 50 in America looks very shrivelled up. This is a very loyal place but very antiquated - the buses running through the town every 15 minutes reminds me of one of the oldest pattern of Mrs Hoytes at Newquay. I am very glad to get letters from you and the dear children but you must make mine go the round in answer to them all. Hope you have enjoyed your visit to Wadebridge and will be all the stronger for it. And now my dearest Angee I must conclude my rambling epistle with much love to you and all our beloved children and grandchildren - trusting in that mercy that has this far preserved us will keep us to the Lord - much love to dear Gran, Martha, Henry & Charlie & Lizzie - Emma & Eliza and Mr. Robertshaw, Mrs. Hardie Willie and Marina believe me. God bless you all.

Being very affectionate Husband

PS Cable received - have taken a splendid order from the wholesale firm - large tins and barrels.

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