1886-87 - USA, Canada, Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Egypt


September 4th, 1886

On board the "Servia" September 4, 1886

We are about 6 hours steam down the channel and the weather is very fine. We are often moving slowly however on account of a little fog - so far as I have seen, I like the ship better than the Etruria - we are very crowded, every berth full. On enquiry at the Cunard Office at Liverpool this morning as to who was my companion I learnt that it was a Spaniard, but while upon the tender going to the Servia the gentleman from Cunard's Office came to me to ask if I would give up my berth for one in next state room as the Spaniard had another friend from his own country who wanted to be with him - I said I would see the rooms first and when I saw them I consented and my companion is a Mr. Fowler a Civil Engineer, a person about my own age perhaps a little older and not fed on dry meat.

Will finish this in the morning on arrival at Queenstown.

Sunday morning - 9.30 am

We have had a splendid passage to Queenstown in which harbour we are now lying - had a good night's rest - my friend had a good many swine he was driving to the market which I heard occasionally - I was very glad to get out of my state room at about 6.30 this morning where it was very warm, to breathe the fresh air upon deck and was sorry when the first gong sounded for breakfast. The company on board are mostly Americans, but do not strike me as being quite so fine speaking as we had on board the Etruria last year. I am sorry I omitted to tell you about registering any letter sent to Queenstown failing which it would not be delivered but returned to you. I am feeling very well and enjoying the voyage so far and there is every appearance of a fine day - sea is quite smooth - many things about the ship I like better than the Etruria - larger state room and not so crammed up anywhere.

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