1885 - United States


September 10, 1885 - Bristol

I spent a nice time with dear Arundel yesterday and drew another note of hand for a £1000 which he signed and will bring down for Harry's signature and then hand you the two for £1000 each which please put away carefully - arrived here about 7 and did not go out again - have had a good night's rest and propose leaving at 12.20 for Liverpool the last train for the day reaching there soon after 6 -- shall run over and see Albert before going.

Had a very interesting time in the carriage yesterday morning with 3 ladies (sisters) in deep mourning having recently lost their father - a little word dropped opened the door for conversation - they were very decided for the Lord and in the Church of England? But I have no doubt they were each one distinctively blessed by God, in a very remarkable way - they had been staying in Ilfracombe for a few weeks and then going on to Cornwall for a further visit - I was speaking to them about the two ministries the face of Moses veiled because the glory on it was demanding what man could not give - the unveiled face of Jesus where all the  glory of God ever shines a poor guilty sinner could look into because the face of God was ever giving all that man heeded/needed for His Holy presence - it was new to them and seemed to go straight home to their souls in the power of the Holy Ghost, that they looked upon one another with astonishment and joy - they were called Andrews - it was very cheering - and my beloved Angee with much love to you all believe me.

Your affectionate Husband

September 10th, 1885
- Liverpool

N.W. Hotel, Liverpool

Arrived here safely at 6.30 and was glad to get some tea - enclosed are the replies from the insurance people - please take care of the papers. Saw Albert and his son this morning and spent a happy half hour or so with them - If Arundel comes down on Sunday he will tell you who else I met. Will drop a line again tomorrow. With much love to you all believe me my dearest Angee.

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